Online Advertising

Online Display Advertising is set to continue to grow

Intact Advertising was established in 2008 and since then it is expanding at a startling rate. We are known to provide high quality services to all our clients. Our online advertising services are designed to help you promote your brand through the medium of internet.

The internet space is known to have no boundaries. This provides huge opportunities for advertising and promoting a business. The advantage of the web is that it caters to all kinds of business publicity. Both service and product based companies can publicize their brands with the help of this immensely adaptable platform.

With being adaptable, the internet is also very vulnerable. This makes it important for a user to understand the platform in detail. Only an expert can handle this medium effectively and efficiently.

“This medium of publicity is full of options and we at Intact Advertising are equipped in suggesting the best for your company.”

The common tools used by us to judge the success of the advertising campaign are CPC, CPM and CPA. The study of these numbers helps us in determining the quality of the online advertisement campaign that is running. Our dedicated team analyzes these numbers and work to prepare the perfect online campaign for our clients.

We have a gamut of services to offer our clients. Some of them have been explained below:

  • Google advertising: The main advertising product of Google is ‘Google AdWords’. This service includes PPC/Pay per click; Site targeted advertising for text, banner and rich media advertisements. AdWords program provides local, national as well as international distribution options.
  • The pay per click feature and the normal advertisements are interesting as well as complex features. They require to be monitored constantly. Experts study this business promotion technique and compare it with the strategy of the competitors. This analysis helps them in designing the best campaign for their clients. We at Intact advertising have the expertise to constantly observe trends and devise the best campaigns for our clients.
  • Facebook advertising: Facebook is the world’s most used and accepted social networking website. It is a popular choice for people of all ages. Due to its interesting and interactive interface it has gained a lot of appreciation across countries. Facebook helps a brand to reach out to people beyond boundaries and across segments. The interest level that a company creates for the Facebook page is the actual determinant of success. The more popular the post, the more likes the company’s page gets. Intact Advertising, helps you in designing your Facebook business page, tracks the current trend, studies your page insights and then carefully plans appealing posts for your page that eventually increase brand awareness.
  • Banner advertising: A banner ad is a form of advertising on the internet that is delivered by an ad server. This feature of online advertising involves the embedding of an advertisement on a web page. This is a common technique of increasing traffic and publicizing a brand.

This popular revenue sharing model results in higher quality advertisement placement. This is a composite way of advertising and requires a lot of examination. We at Intact Advertising have designed banner advertisements for new as well as established clients. These ads have helped many brands in getting a lot of traction and gaining immense popularity.

Contact us at Intact Advertising Pvt. Ltd; for the best advertising services and allow us to give your businesses the much needed boost towards expansion and profits.