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Newspaper ads provide a platform for correspondence and also to encourage the readers to take some action. The basic factor is to propagate consumer impulses. Advertisement in newspaper is the most sort after medium through which companies aim to promote their products, There are Full Service Advertising Agency that are able to book newspaper ad online. Therefore in case one wants to book an ad in renowned newspapers like HT, Times of India, or Indian Express then going through newspaper advertisement agency can do the work for you. These agencies also provide with the feature to book newspaper ad online. Since it is an important medium of advertising therefore some tips are given below to have the most appropriate display ad:

  • Make your ad noticeable with appropriate tag line, fonts, white space, and appropriates pictures.
  • Classified Display Ads can be tried and tested by having a dummy ad pasted on a newspaper to see if its stands out.
  • Make sure that the Text Classified Ads are placed strategically in the newspaper. If a quarter page ad falls against the folds then the visibility of the advertisement is reduced by half. The ads placed in ‘Near reading’ position have most success rates as they get more visibility from people that are actually reading the newspaper.
  • Text Classified Ads should use serif Type face as it increases reading speed and increases comprehension capacity over 300% over other fonts.
  • One can also consider editorial style of advertisement as that can also increase your visibility.
  • The texts should be appropriate with proper punctuation and capitalization and appropriate font size.

All the above kept in mind can actually increase the potency of newspaper advertisement many folds.

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