FM Radio Advertising


We all know that the amount of money and effort that one spends on making the products, at least half of that effort is required to advertise the same so that the products can be a big hit in the market. There are various advertising Medias that are available. Amongst them Local Radio Advertising and TV advertising is very popular. There are many benefits that are associated with this form of advertising. Usually these ads accompany popular talk shows or music programme.

The channels like  Radio Mirchi, radio city, red FM, radio one, Big 92.7, rainbow are able to not only spread the word around for the products and services on offer, rather they are also very effective mediums that are required to increase the public awareness.

“Radio and TV advertisements have an effective appeal and are able to target a wide variety of people with different likings.”

Their reach goes beyond the literate population to people that are not learned, yet want to be aware of happenings around. This channel also offers selection of audience as they can target the audience based on their likings and age group. And thereby they can be used to market a large scale of consumer oriented goods.

The only demerits of this medium is that since this is just based on audio cues therefore the visual impact is lost and things can take a little longer to be deciphered by people. On the other hand TV advertising offers the visual appeal that gets an instant connection with people. Therefore depending on the target audience and the age group and type of people that are to be targeted the medium of advertising can be chosen.